Empower Health (empower.ca / iamsick.ca) was created in 2012 by Dr. Ryan Doherty, PhD, after hearing stories of many Canadians who had difficult finding family doctors who were accepting new patients, and those who had difficulty navigating the healthcare system because existing online directories of healthcare services were often incorrect or out-of-date.  Empower Health has launched a number of initiatives over the years (iamsick.ca in 2012, myhealth365.ca in 2015, holidayhours.ca in 2016, myflushot.ca in 2019, and now c19.ca in February 2020).  All of these initiatives have a core focus of improving access to healthcare services by empowering patients and healthcare professionals.

Ryan is a digital health social entrepreneur and a strong proponent of open data, co-design and forming partnerships to accelerate innovation and improve our healthcare system.  Ryan has a PhD in Medical Biophysics from the University of Toronto & Structural Genomics Consortium, and prior to his doctoral studies, he performed HIV/AIDS bioinformatics research in South Africa and Belgium.  His passion is working on projects that leverage data & technology to improve equitable access to healthcare and patient experience.

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